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In The Press: Rise in Patients with ADHD at Curaleaf Clinic covered by the BBC

Published: 29/02/2024

The BBC North West Investigations Team have recently published a series of articles covering their investigation into the national shortage of ADHD medications, which has left thousands of individuals with ADHD unable to access their medication. The latest article in the series covers the rise in patients with ADHD seen at Curaleaf Clinic, and our latest research.

At Curaleaf Clinic we have seen a rise in the numbers of patients we see with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) over the past year. Dr Simon Erridge, Research Director at Curaleaf Clinic, discussed the rise in patient numbers with the BBC: “A lot of people with ADHD may try a number of different medications to find the one that works best for them, if that is suddenly taken away by shortages it’s only natural for people to explore other options and there’s no reason why that might not include medical cannabis.”

The BBC article refers to the latest research by Dr Erridge and other Curaleaf Clinic researchers which assessed the outcomes in patients with ADHD who had been enrolled on the UK Medical Cannabis Registry for at least 12 months.

Finally, the BBC article concludes by speaking with Curaleaf Clinic patient, Mr John Farrar, who emphasises how accessing medical cannabis legally helped remove the stigma associated with the plant: “Once I was given it legally, the stigma was gone. As soon as I was prescribed it people understood this was not something you do recreationally.”

Read the full article: ADHD medication shortage: Cannabis clinic sees spike in patients here.

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