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92% of patients

‘Strongly Agree’ and ‘Agree’ that their Curaleaf Clinic doctor is involving them in decisions about treatment

Patient testimonials

Keasha Johnson

43, London
“I heard about Sapphire Clinic [Curaleaf Clinic] from a close friend. I felt that I was listened to, and the different types of pain I was experiencing was understood and my treatment plan was tailored to suit my individual needs. The cost of treatment has come down for me and the impact it has had is positive, as this enables me to continue with my treatment plan long-term. I would most certainly recommend them.”

Charlotte Leonard

40, London
“Sapphire Clinic [Curaleaf Clinic] is an incredibly professional and supportive clinic. From the Consultants to the Pharmacists everyone is extremely knowledgeable and very caring.”

Paul Neale

45, Swansea
“I can’t fault the service; I’d recommend Sapphire Clinics [Curaleaf Clinic] to anyone looking to access treatment. Everyone was so friendly; they are all there to help you, there is nothing to be scared about.”

Xavier Clarke​

41, Brighton
“It wasn’t until I saw my consultant at Sapphire [Curaleaf Clinic] that I felt properly listened to for the first time in years. The service I’ve received is second to none.”

Lorna Bland

56, Surrey
“I have had absolute professionalism from every single member of Sapphire Clinics [Curaleaf Clinic] that I have met and been in contact with, they are knowledgeable and efficient. They have respect and compassion for me as a patient.”

Leigh Sherman

37, Peterborough
“It has been fantastic. They have been everything I have wanted, they have listened to me and been empathetic towards me.”

Laura Drummond

40, Hampshire
“I love the idea of contributing to the growing evidence which no doubt will help many others in the future. The reduced appointment costs via the Access Scheme means that money is less of a concern when addressing my healthcare needs.”

Kim Rushworth

36, Montrose
“Life with social anxiety and insomnia is horrendous. But my experience at Sapphire Clinics [Curaleaf Clinic] has been amazing, they have been very understanding, a life saver.”

Scott Mcleod

35, Glasgow
“Having heard about Sapphire Clinics [Curaleaf Clinic] from a family member, I’ve experienced excellent communication from the team and would recommend the clinic. I am grateful that I can enjoy family time and have a more positive outlook on life now.”

Candice McKenzie

47, Scotland
“As someone who lives with endometriosis, I would highly recommend Sapphire [Curaleaf Clinic]. I am sincerely grateful for their excellent service and patient support.”


“The clinics staff are amazing with an extensive staff who are all super knowledgeable and appear to understand the many issues people have. I would strongly recommend them to anyone.”

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