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At Curaleaf Clinic, our mission is to support you in exploring what is next for your health and wellbeing. From the start of your journey to future care plans, we work tirelessly to ensure that you feel heard and respected.

The Curaleaf Access Scheme

The Curaleaf Access Scheme is open to everyone eligible for care with medical cannabis. By joining, you will:

Receive your first follow-up
appointment for free
(Saving you £50)

Get access to your personal health data and see how your symptoms are changing over time

Help us learn more about medical cannabis as your data becomes part of the UK Medical Cannabis Registry

The UK Medical Cannabis Registry

In 2019 Curaleaf launched the UK’s first Medical Cannabis Registry via our Real-World Evidence data platform. The scheme allows patients to:

How to apply

From start to finish, Curaleaf Clinic provides a simple and straightforward experience

Curaleaf Access Scheme

Initial Consultation


Follow-up Consultation


Quarterly Checkup


Prescription admin fee


Patients that join the Curaleaf Access Scheme and contribute to The UK Medical Cannabis Registry, will receive their first follow-up appointment for free*.

By completing regular questionnaires for the Registry, you will help to grow real world evidence on medical cannabis and you can monitor how your health and symptoms change over time.

Appointment Timeline

In year one, a patient will typically have four appointments.

In year two and beyond, eligible patients may only need two appointments per year. This option is available to individuals who complete a digital assessment and indicate there have not been any changes in their health since their last appointment.

Cost of Care

The cost of treatment will vary based on individual need, but to help patients understand the likely cost of care per month, we have calculated the average cost across all conditions and formulations

Typical cost to patient

Inclusive of appointments and medicine

Dried flower
Flower & oils
Prescription admin fee


Transferring to Curaleaf Clinic

It’s easy to transfer to Curaleaf Clinic from another medical cannabis clinic.

Please complete our Eligibility Assessment form and select ‘transferring’.

Frequently Asked Questions

Change to ‘Read our FAQs on medical cannabis, how to become a patient, and more.