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Helping put you back in control

Our medical cannabis experts are here to help you feel confident and empowered in managing your condition.

Find out if medical cannabis could be right for you and speak to a specialist without leaving home. All video consultations are £50 and your first follow up appointment is free on the Curaleaf Access Scheme.

How it works

Please note: Medical cannabis will not be right for everyone and can only be considered if you have a formally diagnosed condition and have failed to find relief from recommended first line treatments or therapies.

Find out why 97% of patients are completely happy to see their Curaleaf Clinic doctor again.

Our Specialist Doctors

At Curaleaf Clinic we match eligible patients with specialists in their condition, ensuring you are supported with first-class expertise.

Our highly qualified team have extensive experience in prescribing cannabis-based medicines in the UK and you’ll have regular check-ins with your specialist doctor or pharmacist so we can monitor your care progress over time.

Dr James Rucker

Dr James Rucker

MBBS, BSc, MRCPsych, PhD
Specialising in Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder
Dr Wendy Holden

Dr Wendy Holden

Specialising in Chronic Pain caused by Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and Endometriosis
Dr Shaheen Khan

Dr Shaheen Khan

Specialising in Palliative Care

To begin, you’ll need to check your eligibility

When you click the blue button below, you will be able to create a Curaleaf Clinic account. By completing a short form and providing your medical records you can check your eligibility for a consultation today.

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