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Real World Evidence

At Curaleaf Clinic we are committed to providing high-quality care and ensuring our work has the potential to impact the lives of all patients who live with chronic health conditions, where medical cannabis is prescribed.

In addition to using real world data from patients to continuously improve the care we provide, we publish our research globally to help increase the understanding of the effects of medical cannabis.

UK Medical Cannabis Registry

We have set up the UK Medical Cannabis Registry, the largest patient registry to study these medications with approval from the Health Research Authority.

The Registry ensures that medical cannabis prescribing is evaluated in a responsible way, capturing essential data including prescribed formulations, adverse events, and patient-reported health outcomes.

Data is collected from patients with a range of conditions across the UK, who have given consent. Data collection is simple, with the process seamlessly integrated into the Curaleaf Clinic Web App, meaning users can enter their data securely online.

For further enquiries, please contact: [email protected]

The Curaleaf Access Scheme

Patients at Curaleaf Clinic who enrol on the Curaleaf Access Scheme can contribute directly to the UK Medical Cannabis Registry. Through this scheme UK medical cannabis patients can:

Receive significantly reduced appointment costs

Gain greater insight into how their medical cannabis is affecting them

Contribute to the ground-breaking initiative that will rapidly expand the evidence base for medical cannabis


At Curaleaf Clinic we are passionate about medical cannabis research and proud to publish findings from the UK Medical Cannabis Registry in peer-reviewed journals. These papers are used to educate health care professionals and improve UK prescribing.

A big thank you to our patients who contribute to the Registry and make this all possible.

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Clinical Trials

At Curaleaf Clinic we understand the importance of generating high level evidence and allowing patients access to clinical trials.

As we are led by several prominent academic clinicians based at institutions, including Imperial College and Kings College, we are actively involved in this process.

We have therefore set up a clinical trials hub through which patients can access studies nationally and through which academia, industry, regulators, and funding bodies can deliver collaborative research projects aimed to generate the data necessary to inform public policy recommendations and support drug licensing.

The Curaleaf Clinical Trials hub is ideally suited as a vehicle to recruit patients for clinical trials ranging from early phase 1 to multi-national randomised controlled trials. We welcome partnerships with academia and industry to support generation of robust datasets, and we have the tools and infrastructure in place to deliver regulatory grade evidence using our real world data acquisition platform.

For further information please contact: [email protected]

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