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Europe’s largest patient registry expands to offer a further 2,000 patients’ affordable access to medical cannabis consultations

Published: 10/12/2021

The Curaleaf Access Scheme allows patients to be included for free in the UK Medical Cannabis Registry (“The Registry”) and receive £50 appointments. The Registry is the first such database in the UK and was set up by Sapphire Medical Clinics (“Sapphire Clinics”), the UK’s first and highest-rated medical cannabis clinic. It includes over 3,000 patients as part of the Curaleaf Access Scheme and this week, an analysis of the clinical outcomes measured in patients in the UK with chronic pain has been accepted for publication in the international peer reviewed journal ‘Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology’. The results from this study of 190 patients suggest that treatment with cannabis-based medicinal products (CBMPs) has an acceptable safety profile and is associated with improved pain-specific outcomes and health related quality of life at 1, 3 and 6 months following treatment initiation. Adverse events (side effects) reported by 18.7% of patients suggesting a favourable tolerance relative to medications, such as opioids, that are prescribed more frequently.

To mark the success of the Real-World Evidence published internationally, today the Curaleaf Access Scheme will expand to an additional 2,000 patients across the UK. Eligible patients will benefit from significant cost savings, including initial appointments priced at £50, in recognition of their contribution to the ground breaking initiative that is successful in rapidly expanding the evidence base for medical cannabis.

The Registry is the largest European database of its kind and captures patient outcomes as well as safety profiles of medical cannabis. Medical cannabis can be prescribed by specialist doctors when conventional therapy has not provided adequate symptom relief for conditions such as pain, anxiety, and insomnia. All patients enrolled in the Registry have access to individualised health metrics and can freely monitor treatment progress over time.

Dr Simon Erridge, Head of Research and Access at Sapphire Clinics commented “As a multi-award-winning medical cannabis clinic, we are delighted to further improve access to this treatment option where other therapies haven’t worked. By collecting patient reported outcomes and producing peer reviewed analysis in return, together we inform the wider evidence base of the efficacy and safety of medical cannabis, which is essential for ensuring the correct patients are able to access treatment.”

Sapphire Medical Clinics patient Jack Pierce added: “I am eligible for treatment as I previously had tried standard therapies for a range of multiple mental health conditions, consisting of Anxiety, Depression, ASD (Autism) and ADHD. The Curaleaf Access Scheme has allowed me to see a specialist consultant and be prescribed medicines based on my individual needs. I have access to all health metrics such as sleep scores, daily activities and quality of life for free so that I benefit from this scheme as well as contribute to the evidence base which is accelerating in the UK, three years since the change in the law.”

Who is eligible for £50 appointments?

All patients eligible for treatment with medical cannabis can enrol onto the Curaleaf Access Scheme and access the £50 appointments from 10th December 2021. Medical cannabis can be considered when first line treatments have not achieved adequate benefit or produced side effects. Find out more and complete the eligibility assessment online by clicking here.

Curaleaf Access Scheme Pricing

£50 – Initial Appointment

£50 – Monthly one follow-up appointment

£50 – Quarterly check-up appointment

£50 – Transfer patient appointment

£0 – No repeat prescription fees

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