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In The Press: Curaleaf Clinic featured in The Guardian

Published: 13/02/2024

The Guardian recently published an article that delves into Britain’s medical cannabis revolution. The article discusses the increasing number of patients who are now being prescribed the medicine, whilst also shining a spotlight on important patient stories.

The article, written by Michael Segalov, features an interview with our patient Chris Cowan, who shares his transition from illicit cannabis use for PTSD and depression to being prescribed medical cannabis. Chris places a great emphasis on the importance of being able to access legal, regulated medical cannabis: ‘When I found this clinic, I transitioned from being criminalised to becoming a normal member of society.’

Dr Wendy Holden, a rheumatologist and pain management specialist at Curaleaf Clinic, also shared her insights. Initially unfamiliar with medical cannabis, her perspective has evolved significantly: ‘Increasingly, more healthcare professionals are engaging with the research… and are adopting a more open-minded approach. We’re moving towards making judgments based on evidence, not prejudice and preconceptions.’

The article also profiles Professor David Nutt, a former government adviser on drugs policy, as well as the stories of Alfie Deacon and Billy Caldwell who are prescribed medical cannabis on the NHS for severe epilepsy.

We highly recommend reading the full article to hear from experts and patients on the role of medical cannabis in healthcare in 2024 and beyond.

Read the full article ‘Wonder drug: is the UK ready for the green rush of medicinal cannabis?’ here.

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