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New NHS login feature

Published: 05/12/2023

What is the NHS login?

The NHS login is a single, secure login that enables you to swiftly access health and social care apps and websites wherever you see the NHS login button.

This is most commonly used to access the NHS app on a computer or mobile phone, but is also used by a number of other healthcare providers as a way of securely accessing their services.

Sapphire Clinics now offers patients in England the opportunity to login to the Sapphire webapp using the NHS login. For existing and new patients there will always be the option to continue to use a standard login. However, those who chose to opt-in to using the NHS login, this can bring additional benefits.

How does the NHS login benefit Sapphire patients?

For existing patients, NHS login allows for streamlined communication between Sapphire Clinics and your GP surgery. The eligibility assessment for new patients may also be processed more efficiently when using the NHS login as your details can be retrieved easily.

Keeping your GP surgery and Sapphire Clinics up-to-date with information on your care ensures that you are receiving the best quality of care possible.

How does the NHS login benefit GPs?

By ensuring the information we hold on your GP remains current and up to date this enables us to support GPs with any additional aspects of your care which may be affected by medical cannabis. We can also ensure they receive information about how your health has changed whilst being prescribed medical cannabis.

Where can I find guidance for using the NHS login?

If you require assistance with your NHS login, the following resources are available:

I live outside of England, can I use the NHS login?

Whilst some patients in other parts of the UK may have an NHS login, the ability to access the Sapphire web app with an NHS login is only available to those in England.

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We aim to make things easy and to keep you informed of your progress every step of the way, from the moment you apply to the receipt of your prescription(s).
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