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Sapphire co-founder joins industry panel at Cannabis Europa

Published: 12/05/2023

Cannabis Europa is the largest cannabis conference in Europe. The annual event draws attendees from around the world and this year the event was held at the Barbican Centre in London.

Influential leaders across politics, business & finance gathered for two days of presentations and discussions on the future of the European cannabis market. The event covered industry hot topics such as medical cannabis, regulatory frameworks, scientific advancements, and public policy.

Sapphire co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at Curaleaf international, Mikael Sodergren, spoke at the event. He was joined by a panel of industry leaders and innovators to discuss ‘The Changing Role of European Pharma’. Mikael is also head of the Medical Cannabis Research Group at Imperial College London and has played a fundamental role in helping to advance the European sector through his research.

You can read Mikael’s follow-up interview with Cannabis Health about the future of the field and the importance of drawing on patients’ perspectives when it comes to cannabis-based drug development:

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