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Cannabis Clinic of the Year

Published: 26/06/2024

We are thrilled to announce that Curaleaf Clinic won ‘Cannabis Clinic of the Year’ at the Business of Cannabis Awards. Curaleaf International picked up three more awards, including ‘European Cannabis Company of the Year‘.

Registered with the Care Quality Commission in 2019, Curaleaf Clinic was the first to begin seeing patients and has since maintained a reputation as one of the highest-rated medical cannabis clinics in the UK. Our commitment ensures that patients receive top-quality care while contributing to the growing evidence on medical cannabis.

Winning the ‘Cannabis Clinic of the Year’ award is a significant honour, reflecting our unwavering dedication to research, raising awareness, and delivering exceptional patient care. Here are the key factors that contributed to this recognition:


  • Research: At Curaleaf Clinic, we are dedicated to advancing medical cannabis research. Established in 2019, the UK Medical Cannabis Registry addresses the critical need for robust research on the effectiveness and safety of medical cannabis. This dedication to scientific excellence ensures that our patients receive the best possible care, based on the latest evidence and insights.


  • Raising awareness: Curaleaf Clinic is committed to combating the stigma and lack of awareness surrounding medical cannabis. We have invested heavily in public education and outreach, including collaborating with Police Scotland and other police forces to educate officers about medical cannabis legislation.


  • Patient care: Curaleaf Clinic is dedicated to making medical cannabis care accessible and convenient for patients, especially those with debilitating conditions. To address this, we offer online appointments via secure video link and home delivery of prescriptions. Our support services include chaperones and interpreters for appointments, and communication software for deaf patients.
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