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Northern Green Canada is a vertically integrated Canadian licensed cannabis producer focused primarily on expanding in the international market through its EU-GMP certification

When you sign up to Curaleaf Clinic via the Web App, you will be given a login to your own bespoke Curaleaf Clinic account where you can manage all aspects of your care.

Curaleaf’s innovative Web App for patients is designed to make the medical cannabis experience more convenient and user-friendly. In a world first, this app allows patients to easily access information about available products, make appointments, track orders, and receive personalised recommendations based on their specific needs via their account. It also provides educational resources to […]

Sapphire Clinics Sweden is a healthcare provider that offers highly specialised medical assessment for patients with chronic pain to determine whether cannabinoid-based medications may be a appropriate when other common pain treatments have not worked.

The UK Medical Cannabis Registry is a platform designed to collect data and information related to the use of medical cannabis in the UK. This registry serves as a vital resource for healthcare professionals, researchers, and policymakers to better understand the real-world evidence on medical cannabis in various health conditions. By capturing patient experiences, treatment […]

Curaleaf Education is a platform dedicated to providing valuable information and resources about medical cannabis to individuals seeking to learn and understand more about its uses. Through educational articles, videos, and seminars, Curaleaf Education aims to empower people with knowledge about medical cannabis and how it can be integrated into healthcare practices.

Sapphire Medical Foundation is an independent organisation whose goal is to break down the financial obstacles that prevent access to medical cannabis. Founded with the vision of easing the burden of medical expenses, the foundation strives to support those who are facing financial challenges in accessing the care they require. Curaleaf Clinic is proud to […]

Sapphire Medical Clinics is the former name of Curaleaf Clinic UK.

Can4Med is a licensed pharmaceutical distributor for wholesale trade in medicinal products, other medicines and pharmaceutical raw materials for pharmacy prescription in Poland.

Four20Pharma is a German-based company that specialises in the production and distribution of pharmaceutical products. The company’s main priority is to deliver high-quality medical care to patients by offering a diverse selection of medical cannabis and full-spectrum cannabis extracts.

Clever Leaves is an EU-GMP-certified processing facility located in Portugal that was acquired by Curaleaf International in 2023. Clever Leaves is a global cannabis company that focuses on pharmaceutical-grade products and research. Their facility in Portugal is state-of-the-art and follows strict regulations to ensure the quality and safety of their products. The facility in Portugal […]

Medalchemy is a technology-based company based in Spain, dedicated to the research, development, and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. They specialise in creating active pharmaceutical ingredients and have more than ten years of expertise in this field.